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Delivering Today, Defining Tomorrow. 

CMCA Group are market leading specialists in the design, manufacture and integration of ruggedised:

Environmental Control, Dehumidification and CBRN Systems
Power Generation, Management & Distribution Systems 
Turn Key Integrated shelter solutions, Tented Systems & Rapid Deployment Base Architecture. 

A proven and trusted partner to the global defence sector over two decades, delivering equipment and support for mission critical operations in the harshest of environments on earth. 

Boasting a global reputation for high specification, high performance and reliable equipment, tailored to the customers exacting requirements and supporting the most advanced battlefield equipment around the world, the CMCA Group consisting of CMCA Limited, CMCA Integrated Systems Limited and CMCA Technologies Limited are the trusted partners from concept to delivery to support. 

From man portable to complete base architecture, CMCA provide innovative turn key solutions to the global defence sector.

Man Portable Hybrid Power & Charging Systems. 

CMCA offer the most advanced & intelligent ruggedised military hybrid power systems and autonomous battery charging systems in the world. Unrivalled in form factor, weight, performance and versatility, the CMCA Military Packaged Hybrid Generator range, Military Power Distribution System and Expeditionary Solar Arrays provide game changing fuel efficiency, reliability and scalability. 

The man portable, modular approach to power provides governments and integrators the flexibility to scale power systems depending of mission requirements, saving size, weight and fuel consumption coupled with a high level of component commonality. The MPHG and MPDS range utilise a common, rugged aluminium tubular frame with an unrivalled form factor, allowing a vehicle, trailer or container to support AC, DC and hybrid power in a common storage mount.  

The MPHG-002 2kW 28V DC supports DC architecture and autonomous battery charging, the generator can be paralleled to increase DC capacity and controlled remotely. The generator can autonomously start and stop to charge a connected battery pack or stand idle awaiting an external start and stop command from a remote battery management system or mission specific module.  

The MPHG-003 3kW 230V AC supports AC architecture, provides remote and autonomous control and can be synchronised through a management cable to provide modular 6kW 230V AC. 

The MPDS is an intelligent power management and distribution system with integrated energy storage. Capable of autonomously managing power from two AC generators or one AC generator and shore supply, two DC generators or one DC generator and additional battery storage through CMCA's MPES system as well as multiple expeditionary solar arrays. The supply power can be continuous or autonomously started to charger the batteries or under sudden power surges to continuously support a varied load profile, saving fuel and extending deployment with minimal logistical support. The MPDS provides silent watch capability and UPS functionality through a high capability mil spec battery, offering scalable power upto 24V 4kWhr capacity. 


Integrated Environmental Control & Power Solutions.

With decades of experience designing, integrating and supporting ISO container shelters and platforms, high mobility trailer and vehicle systems to customers exacting requirements, CMCA bring together the in-house climate and power capabilities to proven a single source, turn key solution. Working closely with the customer to optimise the cooling and power requirements, resulting in an efficient, reliable and battlefield worthy life support system. 

Adaptable across shelter, platform, trailer and vehicle systems, CMCA's solutions are highly ruggedised, yet lightweight and compact to optimise the system integration. CMCA's ability to offer fully integrated environmental control and power systems offer a low risk, single source collaborative opportunity to develop an innovative integrated solution.  

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Redeployable Infrastructure. 

CMCA offering a technical product range from man portable, systems integrated to full base architecture. Providing innovative shelter systems to optimise efficiency, interoperability and security from soft wall tented systems to rigid wall container systems, manufactured in steel or lightweight aluminium, tailored to the customers exacting requirements. 

By taking a modular, grid approach for both environmental control and power through intelligent control and monitoring of large scale environmental control and power generation, management and distribution systems to improve complete base efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption and logistical support requirements.

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The proven partner for design, manufacture, integration & support for the global defence sector.