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Military Container Shelter Manufacture

Bespoke Containerised Shelter Solutions

CMCA's fully integrated turn key solutions draw upon the in-house power and thermodynamic expertise in providing a fully integrated shelter system. Working in partnership with the leading shelter fabricators, CMCA design, integrate and support specialist bespoke shelter systems for bespoke military applications. 


Systems are produced to customer specifications, from utilising a commercial shipping container as the core architecture to a fully bespoke ISO container shelter system, designed and tested to operate in harsh environments and test conditions for military applications. As a specialist in low EMC signature equipment, CMCA's equipment is perfectly suited for RADAR, ISTAR and electronic warfare applications. 

Whether the requirement is for integration of our advanced environmental control and power systems, investigation and corrective action into problematic systems or a fully bespoke turn key containerised shelter system, CMCA provide market leading equipment and first class service and support. As each shelter is bespoke to customer requirements, please contact us if you require any further information.


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The proven partner for design, manufacture, integration & support for the global defence sector. 

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