Military Shelter & Container Integrated Air-Conditioning & Climate Control

As a modular, packaged solution CMCA's shelter and container integrated air-conditioning and climate control systems offer efficient integration and compact space envelopes whilst achieving maximum heating and cooling capacity. Designed to meet the most demanding technical requirements and built to the highest quality standards, CMCA's military air-conditioning and climate control solutions provide reliable heating and cooling capability in the most demanding environments on earth.


With a global customer base, CMCA's systems are proven in all environmental conditions, from snow storm to sand storm, providing mission critical Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditiong & Cooling for both equipment and personnel. As a project driven organisation, systems are designed and built to customers exacting technical and commercial requirements to deliver the optimum HVAC solution, a COTS range consists of battlefield proven air-conditioners which can be adapted to meet specific requirements. 

Systems are tested to the most demanding of requirements, including climatic conditions from -46°C to +63°C and EMC performance to Def Stan 59 411 Land Class A, MIL STD 461 and TEMPEST, with low acoustic signatures through innovative acoustic, thermal and EMC attenuating enclosures. Various paint finishes are available including Infrared reflective (IRR) Matt paint and Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) Standard 80-208.


Military Shelter air-conditioner

Military Packaged Air-conditioner

Cooling: 6.5 kW

Military HVAC



Military Packaged Air-conditioner

Cooling: 5.8 kW


CMCA MPA900 MPG020.jpg
Military Container air-conditioner

Military Packaged Air-conditioner

Cooling: 9.5 kW


Military RADAR air-conditioner

Military Packaged Air-conditioner

Cooling: 9.5 kW


Military Packaged Air-conditioner

Cooling: 14.5 kW


Military Split air-conditioner

Military Split Air-conditioner

Cooling: 10.0 kW

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